For Entrants From the Joint Forces Operation Донецький національний університет імені Василя Стуса

For Entrants From the Joint Forces Operation

Dear Entrants,

The information below applies only to entrants who reside in the territory of the anti-terrorist operation (in settlements according to the approved list) or have moved from settlements located in territories where the state authorities temporarily do not exercise their powers or located on the confrontation line, or on the territory of the JFO after January 1, 2019.

According to the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 697 of 21.06.2016 “On Approval of the Admission Procedure for Higher and Vocational Education of Persons whose Residence is the Territory of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (during its Period)” at the Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus and Vasyl Stus Constantine Branch of DonNU established the Donbass-Ukraine Educational Center (hereinafter referred to as DonNU Education Center) to enable students from JFO territories to enter Vasyl’ Stus DonNU under the simplified procedure and get a quality Ukrainian education.

At the Vasyl Stus Educational Center of DonNU and in Konstantinovka you can:

  • get advice and qualified assistance in making the educational declaration;
  • to undergo annual assessment and state final certification on the Ukrainian language and history of Ukraine;
  • to receive assistance in settling into the hostel for the duration of the annual assessment, the state final certification and the entrance examination;
  • to receive a state standard document on basic or complete general secondary education (certificate and appendix to it);
  • submit an application and documents for admission to Vasyl’ Stus DonNU;
  • to take entrance examinations for admission to higher education institution.

If you are in this admission category, select one of the following three situations and read these step-by-step instructions for admission to Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University.