Preparatory Department

The Preparatory Department trains foreigners for further admission to higher education institutions of Ukraine.

The Department has been operating since 1973. The number of Department’s listeners has surpassed 10 000 foreigners from 100 countries. Preparatory courses are conducted by employees with extensive experience in teaching foreigners from different countries and regions. Training usually begins in September–October and lasts 10 months. Tuition costs USD 1 250.

Listeners study Ukrainian language together with other subjects, the range of which depends on the direction of future university studies:

  • engineering-technological and medical-biological;
  • economic and humanitarian.

Upon completion of the courses, listeners take exams in the Ukrainian language and other academic disciplines. After successfully passing the exams, listener is awarded a Certificate on completion of the Preparatory Department, which enables foreigners to continue their education in Ukrainian universities.

For more information about the enrollment to the preparatory courses for foreigners at Vasyl’ Stus DonNU, please contact us: [email protected]

Award ceremony of Certificates of completion of the Preparatory Department to foreign listeners

Contact person for training at the Preparatory Department:


Senior Officer of the Department of preparation for teaching and education of foreigners

[email protected]

+38 097 45 25 070