Organization of the educational process at Vasyl Stus DonNU

After entering the Ukrainian higher school in the European educational space at DonNU named after Vasyl Stus, accounting of the complexity of students’ educational work in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits was introduced, which can qualify as a system that allows to transfer credits obtained in different educational institutions. This system is cumulative and capable of operating within the concept of “lifelong learning”.

ECTS credits take into account all types of educational work and provide a unified approach to education. The cost of the credit is 36 semester hours. 30 credits are allocated for the semester and 60 credits for the academic year.

According to the credit-modular system, the student must fulfill a set of requirements in order for the discipline to be considered mastered or completed at a certain level. Vasyl Stus DonNU established the following rating scale:






“very well”













Thus, if a student has at least 60 points, he / she has received a “credit”, the discipline is considered difficult.

Education at Vasyl Stus DonNU can be obtained by full-time or part-time forms.

The educational process is carried out in the following organizational forms:

Educational classes *

Independent work

Practical training

Control measures

* (lecture; laboratory, practical, seminar, individual training; consultation)

Forms of study can be combined. The complex of the chosen forms of study depends mostly on the discipline.