International Office

The International Office is the structural subdivision of Vasyl` Stus Donetsk National University (Vasyl’ Stus DonNU).

The office carries out its activities on the basis of the legislation of Ukraine: the Law on Education, the Law on Higher Education, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, legislative acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Statute of Vasyl` Stus DonNU, decisions of Academic Council and Rector’s Office of Vasyl’ Stus DonNU, local legal acts of Vasyl’ Stus DonNU and Regulation of the International Office of Vasyl` Stus DonNU.

The aim of the International Office is to manage and coordinate activity of all structural subdivisions of the University under the guidance of the Vasyl` Stus DonNU Administration, dealing with:

The training of the high-qualified professionals for Ukraine and other countries, who have general cultural skills corresponding to the world standards;

The realization of the international programs, agreements and other forms of cooperation with international universities, establishments, organizations and funds aiming at transformation of Vasyl` Stus Donetsk National University to the internationally-acknowledged innovative scientific-educational, analytical, consulting and project center.

The tasks of the International Office are:

To draft and organize the events concerning the development of the international relations in Vasyl` Stus DonNU;

To widen the activities of Vasyl` Stus DonNU in international organizations, projects, programs;

To engage foreign lecturers in education process at Vasyl` Stus DonNU;

To maintain communication with the representatives of European and international organizations, located on the territory of Ukraine;

To prepare and hold the reception of the international delegations that arrive to Donetsk National University with official, working, informal (private) visits;

To organize in cooperation with foreign partner-universities summer and winter schools and to ensure the participation of Vasyl` Stus DonNU students in them;

To develop and organize programs of exchange education;

To develop and organize the double degree diploma programs;

To realize academic mobility;

To organize meetings and ceremonial accompaniment of delegations.

The functions of the International Office are:

To provide organizational, procedural, representative guidelines of the international cooperation of Vasyl` Stus DonNU;

To determine the priority guidelines, strategic planning of the international relations of Vasyl` Stus DonNU as well as the search and selection of partners in order to build relations at the University level;

To carry out events connected with the preparation and conducting foreign delegations that arrive to Vasyl` Stus DonNU with official, working and informal (private) visits;

To carry out international exchanges;

To prepare and implement international educational and scientific-research projects;

To take part in the elaboration of plans and programs of joint activities;

To establish partnership and to carry out working programs of cooperation between Vasyl` Stus DonNU together with educational establishments and institutions, organizations and foundations of foreign countries;

To maintain international cooperation with the goal of mutual coordination of actions and realization of international exchange and contacts, namely academic mobility including mobility for students, graduates and academic staff;

To coordinate work and help to the faculties, departments and other divisions of Vasyl` Stus DonNU in the international cooperation and academic exchange according to reached agreements; to contribute to the organization of international conferences and to maintain connections with international universities, establishments and organizations.

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