To increase the level of international recognition of the University in academic and research sphere.

Increase of the position of the University in international ratings.

Formation of a positive international image of the University as an institution that provides high-quality education and introduces modern scientific researches and innovation.

To extend the network of the University partnerships with foreign universities.

Extension of effective global university cooperation with world HEI partners.

Formation of international consortia for the University cooperation with HEI partners according to different branches of knowledge.

To improve the effectiveness of the existing bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements.

Distribution of information about existing opportunities for international cooperation to the faculties, departments and structural units.

Implementation of specific projects of international cooperation at the level of educational programs and scientific schools.

To integrate scientific and teaching personnel of the University into an international professional network.

Establishment of professional connections between scientific schools of the University and existing international scientific professional associations.

Implementation of joint researches and projects.

To increase academic mobility.

Expansion of participation of students, staff and teachers in programs of “exchange education”, credit mobility, scientific internships, training for staff and teachers, and practice for students.

To improve foreign language proficiency of teachers and staff of the University

Promotion of continuous foreign language proficiency courses for teachers and staff of the University.

Increase of teachers with language proficiency certificates of international level which are able to teach courses in a foreign language.

To expand international educational and scientific project activities.

Increase of awareness and involvement of teachers and staff of all the faculties, departments and structural units in international project activities.

Attraction of financial resources and best world practices to modernization of the educational programs and management of the University.

Development of the University scientific potential.

To expand international fundraising activity.

Attraction of funds from international donors to solve social and domestic problems of the University.

To implement joint and double degree diploma.

International accreditation of educational programs of the University at the level of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

To promote international quality standards in education.

Comparison of content and timescales of the educational programs of the University and foreign HEI partners.

Study of experience of the international certification and accreditation of educational programs.

To increase number of foreign students.

Increase of coverage of the range of target countries. Guidance for potential incoming students. Promotion of the University in the international education market. Increase of the proportion of foreign students at the University.

To create a cross-cultural corporate environment.

Formation of a corporate environment that respects cross-cultural differences, assumes collective corporate values by all members of multicultural staff.