Center for Information Technologies and Computing

Structural unit of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University.

The main tasks of the Center:

  • providing the organization and coordination of interrelated organizational, legal, political, socio-economic, scientific and technical, production processes (hereinafter referred to as informatization processes), aimed at creating the conditions for meeting the information needs of the University staff and its clients (entrants, students, graduate students and so on) based on the creation, development and use of information systems, networks, resources and the latest technologies by means of modern computer and communication equipment;
  • to advance efficiency of education, research, administrative, economic and other processes taking place at the University with help of widespread use of information technologies;
  • integration of the University into the information space of the city and Ukraine;
  • formation of legal, organizational, scientific, technical, economic, financial, methodological and humanitarian preconditions for the development of informatization at the University


Information support division of educational and methodical process

Creation of necessary conditions for providing the University staff and its clients with timely, reliable and complete information through wide use of information technologies, provision of information security of the University, implementation of educational, methodological and research work connected with problems in the field of information systems and technologies and their improvement; formation of a system of university-wide information resources and provision of information and analytical support of activities for all divisions of the University.

Division of system administration and technical support

Performs design, support and development of the University’s IT infrastructure in terms of communications, server and network equipment, data processing and storage systems, application software and hardware systems and products; provision of technical conditions for use of the Internet and Intranet at the University, maintenance of general university servers; provision of information security at the University, prevention of IT threats and attacks within the current legislation.

Division for computer repair and other services

Performs maintenance, prevention and repair of computer and office equipment; control and analysis of computer equipment functioning in the Center and other divisions of the University; study, implementation and use of new technical means for improving the quality of computer service, planning the implementation of scientific and technological advances, new appliances and advanced technologies.

Division for design and development of information-analytical systems

Implements information support of all kinds of activities at the University (educational, methodical, scientific, administrative, economic, social, domestic and others); improvement of information systems and information technologies, performance of research, expert, analytical, scientific and consulting work on informatization issues.

Division for low current cable systems

Creates a university-wide network and implementation of Internet technologies in all spheres and activities of the University; provides conditions for meeting information needs of the University staff and its clients (entrants, students, graduate students and so on) by means of development and use of information systems, networks, resources and latest technologies, which are created by virtue of using modern communication technology.

Division for implementation and support of information-analytical systems

Provides support for the standard tasks and subsystems assigned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which are required for the preparation of reporting documentation on the University’s educational activities, implementation and support of information and analytical systems.

Leaders of the Center

Archakov Yaroslav – Director

Smyrnova Tetiana – Deputy Director


Center for Information Technologies and Computing

Main building of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University, Room 109, 600-richchia Peremohy street, 21, Vinnytsia.

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