Training division

The Training Department is one of the main structural units of the Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University, which is responsible for planning, organizing and improving the forms and methods of the University’s educational activities. The department directs its activity to the organization of educational work of the University, develops a strategy of organization and implementation of processes regarding the educational activity management; directs and coordinates the organization of the process of licensing and accreditation of specialties / educational programs and the whole university, plans and monitors the educational activities of the departments and faculties of the University.

Main objectives of the department:

Administration and methodological support of the Automated Management System (AMS) «Dekanat».

Ensuring the appropriate level of educational activity at the University.

Analysis of the dynamics of university’s contingent of applicants for higher education, making proposals for its optimization.

Projects development of normative, instructive, organizational and methodical documents on rationing, planning and organization of educational activity.

Coordination and methodological support of processes connected with licensing and accreditation of specialties and educational programs. Determining the feasibility of creating new specialties and educational programs as well as terminating them.

Work organization and supporting documentation of the Scholarship Commission of the University activities, Scientific and Methodological Council of the University, Rectorate.

Organization, coordination and systematic control over the dean’s offices activities and graduation departments regarding the implementation of all forms of educational process schedules, ensuring the proper undertaking of final applicant certification of the students.

Planning the academic load for the departments of the University, formation of the staff list of the departments, control over the distribution of academic load among scientific and pedagogical staff of the departments.

Operational guidance and coordination of the activities of dean’s offices and departments to ensure the proper enforcement of educational programs, training and work curricula and programs, the stated competencies and learning outcomes.

Organization and direct participation in carrying out systematic control over the course of educational activity of the University, results analysis of control activities, implementation of course projects (works), examinations and final certification.

Department staff:

Yevtukhova Oksana

Head of the department

Voit Liudmyla

Deputy Head of the department

Petrova Maryna

Teaching methods specialist of the higher qualification category

Saliamon Olena

Teaching methods specialist of the department

Davitkevych Yana

Teaching methods specialist of the department

Kosiakova Anastasiia

Inspector of the department


Training division

Room 612, Main building of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University – street 600-richchia Peremohy 21, Vinnytsia.

E-mail: [email protected]