The Vasyl’ Stus Biological Station of Donetsk National University was established in 1999 within the educational and recreational base «Sokil» as a scientific and educational base for students of the Faculty of Biology. It is located on the picturesque bank of the river Siverskyi Donets.

The aim and activities of Biostation:

Study of the environment and dissemination of natural knowledge.

Observing flora and fauna.

Provide young people with practical skills of dealing with nature.

Observation of animals in enclosures.

Conducting field trips and and other types of practices for students of the Faculty of Biology.

Creation and organization of specialized biological laboratories.

Establishment of experimental production sites for growing medicinal, ornamental, vegetable and other plant species; introduction of perspective and valuable plant species.

Conducting scientific meetings, conferences, seminars, olympiads, contests, festivals, competitions, hiking trips, etc., with accommodation on the base.