Department of preparation for teaching and education of foreigners

The Department of preparation for teaching and education of foreigners provides training for foreigners and stateless persons, coordinates educational, scientific, and social work with foreign students, and provides visa registration support.

The structure of the Department includes a Preparatory Department, the purpose of which is to provide educational services to foreigners who have expressed a desire to learn the Ukrainian language before enrollment. After finishing language courses, they receive a Certificate on completion of the Preparatory Department, the presence of which is a prerequisite for admission to Ukrainian-language educational programs.

The Department interacts with all faculties and structural subdivisions of the University to achieve optimal organization of the educational process for foreign students.

Department’s responsibilities

Organization of admission of foreigners to study at the Preparatory Department and at all levels of higher education at the University

Preservation and proliferation of moral, cultural, scientific values and achievements, formation of cross-cultural environment at the University

Organization of training for foreigners at the Preparatory Department and the faculties, coordination of the implementation of curricula and contract terms

Promotion of social, cultural, and linguistic adaptation of foreign students