Recognition of educational documents

The procedure for recognition of foreign educational documents is intended to ensure the rights of citizens who have been educated in other countries to continue their education and/or professional activity in Ukraine and is executed individually.

As a result of the recognition procedure, the owner of foreign educational documents receives a Certificate confirming the right of the owner of documents issued by an educational institution of another state to continue education or employment in a higher education institution of Ukraine or institutions throughout Ukraine.

The procedure for recognizing foreign educational documents includes: verifying the authenticity of documents, confirming the status of the educational institution and/or educational program, assessing qualifications or periods of study, and establishing equivalence to educational or professional degrees in Ukraine, academic and/or professional rights.

More details can be found on the website of the state enterprise “Information and Image Center” of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine at the link.

To start the recognition procedure of foreign educational documents, it is necessary to submit to the Department of preparation for teaching and education of foreigners the following documents:

-notarized translation of the passport into Ukrainian language;

-notarized translation into Ukrainian language of a document on education with the supplement;

-completed and signed consents for personal data processing;

-administrative service payment receipt (UAH 51) for consideration of documents in the State Enterprise “Information and Image Center”.


Contact person for recognition of foreign educational documents:

Head of the Department of preparation for teaching and education of foreigners

[email protected]