Administration of the University



Illia Khadzhynov

Rector of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University, Doctor of Economics, professor, «Excellence in Education of Ukraine».


Serhii Radio

Maksym Prykhnenko

Onyschenko Andriy

Vice-rector for Scientific and Academic Work, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, associate professor

Vice-Rector for education, youth policy and development, Candidate of Political Sciences

Vice-rector for administrative and economic work

Academic Council

Academic Council

The Academic Council is a collegial body of the University, which consists of a number of up to 54 members to solve the major issues of the University’s activities, in accordance with the Regulation approved by the Rector. The Academic Council of the University operates according to the approved plan. Meetings of the Academic Council are held at least once a month, with a term of office of five years.

Activities of the Academic Council:

Defines the strategy and perspective directions of educational, scientific and innovative activity development of the university

Develops and submits the draft charter of the university, as well as the decision to amend it

Approves the financial plan and annual financial report of the University

Defines the system and approves the internal quality assurance procedures for higher education

Decides on placement of own revenues in the territorial bodies of the central executive body in the field of treasury servicing of budget funds or in banking institutions

Decides on formation, reorganization and liquidation of structural units by order of the rector

Elects deans, department heads, professors and associate professors, library director, branch managers by secret ballot

Approves educational programs and curricula for each level of higher education and specialty

Decides on the organization of the educational process, defines terms of study at the appropriate levels

Approves the draft and procedure for the production of their own higher education document, the provisions on the procedure and grounds for its issuance to graduates, as well as the samples, the procedure of their production, procedure and grounds for issuing joint and dual diplomas to students

Approves the main areas of research and innovation

Evaluates scientific and pedagogical activity of structural units

Assigns the titles of professor, associate professor and senior researcher to the scholars and submits the relevant decisions for approval to the review panel of the central body of executive power in the field of education and science

Makes final decisions on recognition of foreign higher education documents, scientific degrees and academic titles during the recruitment of pedagogical, scientific, scientific-pedagogical and other employees, as well as during the enrollment of students

Has the right to file a motion for rector’s resignation on the grounds stipulated by the law, the University Charter and the contract. This decision considered by the work community of the University

Approves regulations and other local regulations. The obligation of their approval is determined by current legislation or the University Charter

Elects the scientific and pedagogical staff of university departments by secret ballot, and also solves other issues related to the functioning of such departments

Considers other issues of university activity in accordance with the University Charter

The Academic Council of the University may delegate part of its powers to the Academic Councils of the faculties in accordance with the current legislation.

The Academic Council of the University is headed by its chairman, who is elected by secret ballot from among the members of the Academic Council who hold a scientific degree and / or academic (honorary) rank, for the term of office of the Academic Council.

The Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council of the University shall be elected by secret ballot from among the members of the Academic Council who hold a scientific degree and / or academic (honorary) title, for the term of office of the Academic Council.

The Secretary of the Academic Council is the Scientific Secretary of the University.

The Academic Council of the University includes the rector, vice-rectors, deans of faculties, scientific secretary, library director, chief accountant, heads of self-government bodies and elected bodies of the primary trade union organizations of university employees, as well as elected representatives representing scientific and educational staff, elected from among the heads of departments, professors, doctors of philosophy, doctors of sciences, elected representatives who represent other employees of the university and who work here permanently, elected representatives of graduate students, doctoral students, the leaders of the elected bodies of the primary trade union organizations, leaders of the student government, according to quotas

determined by the University Charter and the Regulation of the Academic Council of Donetsk National University.

At the same time, not less than 75 percent of the Academic Council should be made up of scientific, scientific-pedagogical staff of the University and no less than 10 percent should be taken by elected representatives from among students.

Elections to the Academic Council of the University begin 30 calendar days before the end of term of office of the previous Academic Council.

The staff of the Academic Council of the University and changes thereto are approved by orders of the Rector.

Members of the Academic Council shall be removed from the Council in case they no longer work at the university, their position in the university has changed and those who filed a reasoned request to quit the Academic Council chair.

The decisions of the Academic Council of the University shall be enforced by order of the Rector.

By Posts:

  1. Roman Hryniuk, Rector of the University.
  2. Volodymyr Shevchenko, Honorary Rector of the University.
  3. Tetiana Nahorniak, First Vice-Rector. 
  4. Illia Khadzhynov, Vice-rector for scientific work. 
  5. Tetiana Oriekhova, Vice-rector for Social and International Affairs. 
  6. Andriy Onyshchenko, Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and logistical support.
  7. Andrii Hyzhko, Vice-Rector for Innovation and Infrastructure Development 
  8. Anatolii Zahnitko, Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Head of the Academic Council. 
  9. Antonina Bobkova, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law. 
  10. Oleksandr Shendryk, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology. 
  11. Yurii Temirov, Dean of the Faculty of History and International Relations. 
  12. Larysa Shaulska, Dean of the Faculty of Economics. 
  13. Artem Baiev, acting Dean of the Faculty of Information and Applied Technologies. 
  14. Mariana Oleniak, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages 
  15. Oleksii Barybinacting Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Technology 
  16. Dmytro KudinovHead of the independent trade union of students and employees of the university. 
  17. Olena Vazhenina, Academic Secretary of the University, Secretary of the Academic Council 
  18. Liudmyla HorbachovaChief accountant 
  19. Oleh Huk-Sataikin,acting Head of the Student Council of the University 

From other structural units of the University:

  1.  Liliia MartynetsCandidate of Pedagogical SciencesAssociate ProfessorHead of the Department of Pedagogy and Management of Education. 
  2.  Volodymyr PopovDoctor of PhilosophyProfessorProfessor of the Department of Philosophy. 
  3.  Serhii RadioCandidate of Chemical SciencesHead of Scientific Department of the University. 
  4.  Oksana YevtukhovaHead of the Science Department. 
  5. Yuliia Pachos, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Director of the Educational and Practical Center for Innovation and Strategic Development. 
  6. Iryna Fryz, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, acting Head of postgraduate and doctoral studies of the postgraduate and doctoral departments. 
  7. Klavdiia Takhtarova, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Educational and Practical Center for Cultural and Aesthetic Development and Work with Students. 

Elected representatives from faculties:

From the Faculty of Law: 

  1. Iryna KovalDoctor of Law SciencesAssociate ProfessorHead of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure. 
  2. Anzhelika KrakovskaCandidate of Law SciencesAssociate ProfessorHead of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law and Administrative Law. 
  3. Antonina BobkovaDoctor of LawProfessorProfessor of the Department of Business Law. 

From the Faculty of History and International Relations: 

  1. Roman LytvynenkoDoctor of Historical SciencesProfessorHead of the Department of World History and Archeology. 
  2. Nadiia TemirovaDoctor of Historical SciencesProfessorHead of the Department of History of Ukraine and special branches of historical science. 

From the Faculty of Foreign Languages: 

  1. Olena BiletskaCandidate of Philological SciencesAssociate Professor of the Department of German Philology. 
  2. Vira KalinichenkoCandidate of Philological SciencesAssociate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages. 

From the Faculty of Philology: 

  1. Olha BatsylievaDoctor of Psychological SciencesProfessorHead of the Department of Psychology. 
  2. Hanna SytarDoctor of Philological SciencesAssociate ProfessorProfessor of the Department of General and Applied Linguistics and Slavic Philology. 
  3. Liudmyla KovalDoctor of PhilologyAssociate ProfessorActing Head of the Department of Ukrainian Language. 

From the Faculty of Economics: 

  1. VadyKhrystianovskyiDoctor of EconomicsProfessorHead of the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Methods in Economics. 
  2. Yevhen IoninDoctor of EconomicsProfessorHead of the Department of AccountingAnalysis and Audit Department. 
  3. Olexandra LaktionovaDoctor of EconomicsAssociate ProfessorHead of the Department of Finance and Banking. 

From the Faculty of Information and Applied Technologies: 

  1. Halyna LukashDoctor of Philological SciencesProfessorProfessor of the Department of the Information Systems Management. 
  2. Olha AnisimovaDoctor of EconomicsProfessorHead of the Department of Information Systems of Management. 
  3. Olena ChaltsevaDoctor of Political SciencesAssociate ProfessorHead of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. 

From the Faculty of ChemistryBiology and Biotechnology: 

  1. Yurii PrysedskyiCandidate of Biological SciencesAssociate ProfessorHead of the Department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 
  2. Heorhii RozantsevDoctor of Chemical SciencesProfessorHead of the Department of InorganicOrganic and Analytical Chemistry. 

From the Faculty of Physics and Technology: 

  1. Volodymyr RusakovDoctor of Physical and Mathematical SciencesProfessorHead of the Department of General Physics and Didactics of Physics. 

From students:

  1.  Anna Otsverastudent of the Faculty of History and International RelationsBachelor’s degreespecialty “International RelationsPublic Communications and Regional Studies“, 4th year 
  2.  Kateryna Horkunstudent of the Faculty of EconomicsBachelor’s degreespecialty “International Economic Relations“, 3rd year 
  3.  Anstasiia Antonovastudent of the Faculty of ChemistryBiology and BiotechnologyBachelor’s degreespecialty “Ecology“, 2nd year. 
  4.  Oleh Deputatstudent of the Faculty of ChemistryBiology and BiotechnologyBachelor’s degreespecialty “Biology“, 2nd year. 
  5. Andrii Hrytsai, student of the Faculty of Philology, Bachelor’s degree, specialty “Philology”, specialization “Applied Linguistics”, 3rd year. 
  6. Rostyslav Babenko, student of the Faculty of History and International Relations, Bachelor’s degree, specialty “History and Archeology”, 2nd year.