Forms of Training Донецький національний університет імені Василя Стуса

Students study at Vasyl Stus DonNU in the following forms:


It is essential for any higher education institution. It provides in-service training based on direct continuous interaction of students and faculty and includes: regular attendance at lectures, seminars, practical classes according to the schedule and training programs, intermediate controls, passing exams and tests, writing coursework and diploma papers.

A student who has fulfilled all the requirements of the curriculum, defended his diploma work, successfully passed the state exams, is given the appropriate educational and qualification level and is issued a state document on education.

Part-time and part-time accelerated forms

In contrast to the full-time form of study, part-time does not provide separation from production. The applicant who chooses it, is usually already working and wants to pursue higher education while pursuing one’s career. At the same time, the diplomas received by the graduates of full-time and part-time form do not differ in each other. The most important difficulty is the need to acquire knowledge almost independently, without regular explanations from teachers. In some specialties, this is virtually impossible, which is why not all Vasyl Stus Donetsk State University faculties offer such a form of study.

Any person, regardless of the type and nature of occupation and age, has the right to receive part-time education.

Knowledge acquisition takes place between sessions. The part-time session is the part of the academic year during which all forms of the educational process provided by the plan are carried out (educational classes: lectures and laboratory, practical, seminar and individual classes and control measures). Lectures for part-time students are usually instructive, conceptual, generalizing and overview. Seminars are conducted on the main topics of the program, which are presented for independent study by students. Practical and laboratory work should ensure the formation of the required set of skills and their proper level.

The basic form of the student’s work on mastering the educational material is the performance of control work and individual tasks. The supervision and individual tasks provided for in the curriculum can be performed both at home (outside the school) and at the university.

A part-time student who fulfilled all the requirements of the curriculum, defended the diploma project, passed the state exams, by the decision of the state examination commission the qualification of a specialist of the relevant educational qualification level is graduated and a state document on education of the established sample is issued.

Both part-time and full-time students are eligible for graduate study.


Information on full-time or part-time study opportunities: list of training areas, licensed volume, tuition costs – can be found in detail on the admissions committee’s website.