Rating of Professions

Choosing the right profession is the basis of life success and financial independence. Therefore, everyone wants to find the best option for themselves – a specialty that will help to get a high-paying job in the future. It is a quite tricky task to do, as the list of the most promising professions changes over time.

The difficult socio-political situation in Ukraine has had a major impact on the labor market: some employers are forced to cut costs, optimize enterprise staff and even freeze projects. As a result, some professions are losing popularity, and demand for others is growing rapidly. So, to help you figure out what professions will be needed in the coming years, we’ve done a little research. Its results will surely come in handy!

Rating of the HeadHunter Ukraine International Personnel Portal “Professions of the future”

The forecast of the need for specialists for the next 10-15 years is based on the analysis of key transformations of the labor market, including: development of information technologies, mobility, increase in the number of freelance employees, the need for universal professionals. In light of these trends, the source claims that engineering, IT, marketing and sales professions, environmentalists and agribusiness specialists, epidemiologists will be relevant in the future. In addition, professions such as urban ecologist, city farmer (grows vegetables in an urban environment) and a specialist in environmental disaster management may emerge in a few years. As today’s society is considered to be a risk one, analysts, business consultants and business coaches, foresighters and personal brand managers will be in demand in the future. A lot of work will be waiting for the managers who will implement anti-crisis programs. In the field of psychology, family trajectory specialists and mediators of social conflicts will become popular.

Forecast of labor demand in 2015-2018 of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

According to the research results, the economy of Ukraine in the near future will need not only specialists in the field of agriculture, but also engineering personnel, professionals in the field of mathematical, physical and technical sciences. The forecast also includes the active development of information and telecommunications. Therefore, the need for IT sector professionals will increase.

Rating of the most promising professions from Forbes

The world-renowned business magazine, considering the average hourly wage, the number of jobs and their increase over the past few years, ranked the four most promising IT professions in 2014. These are software developers (1st place), web developers (6th place), database administrators (8th place) and information security specialists (12th place). The second most popular, in their opinion, is the profession of analyst. Thus, the number of marketing analyst jobs (2nd place) has increased by 14% since 2010. The finance analyst took 4th place. The personal development and retraining trainer (3rd place), logistics specialist (7th place), event planning specialist (9th place) and translator (10th place) also took the place.

In addition, the magazine offers ten professions of the future. The first place is traditionally taken IT-specialists. Due to the general computer boom, more and more organizations are paying attention to the automation of their operations. Therefore, demand for IT services continues to grow at a rapid pace.

In the future, wide-ranging logistics will be popular, who will be able to coordinate procurement and warehousing. Already today, logisticians who know the specifics of the production process, customs legislation are appreciated. In addition, the requirements for applicants are quite high: compulsory knowledge of languages, higher education, work experience.

According to the source, ecologists were also included in the Top 10. And no wonder, in the future, they will have to save humanity from ozone holes, abnormal natural phenomena and the threat of global warming. In addition to profile education, environmentalists need to be equipped with knowledge of the legal framework, the ability to perform mathematical measurements and laboratory studies.

It is obvious that in the near future society will need even more specialists in the field of chemistry. The impetus for this will be the development of alternative sources of energy, and, therefore, the profession should be redefined.

Soon, there will be a glut in the market for goods and services. And then the situation will be saved by marketers. They are company strategists who run a system aimed at promoting products to the consumer, set prices, plan the range. Today, they are confidently occupying their niche in the professional environment, and most likely will feel profitable in the future.

The professions of the future are suggested to include Internet journalism. This is explained, first of all, by the properties of the World Wide Web, such as responsiveness and interactivity, as well as the relevance of the phenomenon of merging different media into one. Second, the number of people using the Internet as their main source of information is increasing every year.

Rating of Top 20 professions of the future made by Business Insider, the premier corporate insider news portal

The forecast is made according to how well the professions will be paid and how much the labor market will need these specialists in the next 10 years. The list includes IT developers, general and operational managers, managers and management analysts, computer systems analysts, lawyers, administrative staff, marketers, sales representatives, and more.

CareerCast ranking of the world’s best professions

The Internet portal, a database that combines job vacancies and job offers from the US and Canada, has released its own forecast, which compiled the experts estimated the total income, the possibility of career growth, the likelihood of stress, the attractiveness of the working environment, as well as physical requirements for 200 most common jobs. According to the research, the first place was taken by insurance analysts, second and third – audiologists and mathematicians respectively. The top five were taken by statistics and biomedical professionals. Scientific analysts, software engineers and computer system experts also ranked high.

Rating of the most promising professions in the world by U.S.News

According to the US News Portal, the list of the best professions in the world this year included: software developer, computer systems analyst, information security analyst, web developer, market analyst, marketing manager, accountant, school psychologist, mechanical engineer. Operations analyst, IT manager, financial consultant may also be decent options to consider.