You can use the unique opportunity — to post the information about free vacancy at our web-site. To do that you need to fill in the Questionnaire of the employer. Please fill int the necessary points and send your questionnaire to our electronic mail: [email protected].

By signing this agreement on cooperation Your company has a possibility to take part in activities promoting the employment(days of career, round table discussions, practical wokshops, schientific conferences, job fairs, competitions for vacant posts on employer’s request, meetings with the best university graduates and so on), to make requests for the definite experts, to take part in the educational process and to provide places for practical trainings.

Each vacancy should be advertised separately. All the points must be filled in and correspond to the name and content.

It is prohibited:

  • to repeat the same text in different categories;
  • to describe more then one vacancy in one advertisement;
  • to post information, forbidden by Ukrainian legislation, and announcements dealing with work in the area of gambling business, pyramid investment schemes, religious sects and offering Internet earnings or network marketing;
  • To post the advertisement for goods and services.

All posts for vacancies go through the administrator’s verification. In case of discrepancy of the announcement text and rules of vacancy post, the administration has the right to refuse in posting the vacancy. The term for the vacancy placement accounts for 30 days. If after the 3-days period, the vacancy is not occupied yes, the questionnaire should be filled in once again.

The employer if sully responsible for the information, posted about the company and vacancy, according to the effective Ukrainian legislation.