logo_en.gif1. ERASMUS+ (The programme aims to contribute to the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy and of the Education and Training strategic framework 2020 (ET2020) and support sustainable development of third world countries in the field of higher education).

eu_flag_tempus.jpg2. TEMPUS (TEMPUS is European Union programme aimed at providing support for partner states for realization of short-term Tempus projects. The main goal of this programme is to promote the modernization of higher education  through increased cooperation between higher education institutions of the Member States and partner countries)                                              

2.jpg3. ERASMUS MUNDUS (Programme goals are to improve the quality of European higher education and promote intercultural dialogue and understanding between nations through mobility and academic cooperation)



3.jpg4. MARIE CURIE PROGRAM OF MOBILITY (Marie Curie Fellowship programme is aimed  at development of international cooperation and increase in scholars mobility)


4.jpg5. FULBRIGHT ACADEMIC EXCHANGE PROGRAMME (It is educational grants programme which provides international educational exchange of students, scholars, teachers, professionals)



5.gif6. JEAN MONNET PROGRAMME (Programme goals: increase in knowledge and awareness of society in EU and beyond about European Integration developments)


6.jpg7. 7th FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME (FP7) (Programme goals: support of research and scientific activities carried out within the framework of international cooperation, 
ranging from joint projects and networking to coordination of research programmes)


7.jpg8. UNESCO EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES (Programmes are aimed at improving the quality of education)


8.jpg9. PROGRAMME "EAST-EAST: PARTNERSHIP BEYOND THE BORDERS" (Programme goal is to unite the ideas and efforts of civil societies in two and more countries for democratic development through the strengthening of local communities and local self-government)


9.jpg10. WENNER GREN FOUNDATION GRANT PROGRAMME (Proramme goal is providing the scholars with financial support for scientific research in the field of anthropology)


10.jpg11.  ROYAL SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME (Programme is aimed at providing grants for joint projects of two individulas or two research groups from UK from one side and from one of former Soviet Republics from another for two-years term)


11.jpg12. SCHOLARSHIP FOR STUDY AT CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY (Programme goal: continuing education. CEU is an American educational establishment, located in the Hungarian capital Budapest. It is one of the leading universities that offers training for Master's and Doctoral programmes. More than 300 professors from 30 countries offer their educational courses at the university) 


12.jpg13.  GERMAN ACADEMIC EXCHANGE SERVICE (DAAD) (It is aimed at supporting of international academic exchange for scholars and students. DAAD is the biggest Germanic association with rights of civil society organization operating in this sphere)  


13.jpg14. INTAS PROGRAMMES (Programmes are aimed at promotion of cooperation in the field of scientific and technological research and development)