DSC_9977.JPGOn December 7, in the framework of Tempus Project 544117-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPCR InterEULawEast at the Economic Faculty of V. Stus Donetsk National University lecture-training on the theme “The history of European economic integration and the emergence of internal EU market.” Was held.

The lecture was attended by Rector of V. Stus Donetsk National University Grinyuk R.F., Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and international relations prof. Orekhova T.V., project coordinator, Dr. Turchenko O.G. and teachers of the Law and Economic faculties.

Lecture read Katsyn M. Y., associate professor of department of history of state and law of NU “Odessa Law Academy”, PhD in Law, the LLM in European and International Business Law (University of Vienna).

The lecture aroused great interest in the audience; further opportunities of European integration, legal and economic aspects of the integration process were discussed.

After the lecture, Rector of V. Stus Donetsk National University handed certificates professional development to the teachers.

Two lectures were carried out for students in International Economics and International Business.

Topics — “Free movement of goods and its foundational principles”; “Free movement of workers and the concept of ’market citizenship.”