​Centre of International Educational Projects was created upon the initiative of Roman Grynyuk, Rector, Professor of DonNU, for the purpose of intensifying and expanding activities in the field of international educational projects and programmes at Donetsk National University.

Centre’s work is focused on managing and coordinating under the leadership of the Rector all university structural units activities related to implementation of international educational projects, programmes, treaties, grants and other forms of cooperation with foreign universities, institutions, organisations and foundations. Generally, its activity is dedicated to DonNU transformation into modern internationally recognised innovative, scientific, analytical, consulting and educational project centre.

Main functions of the Centre are:

  • Organisational, methodological and representational support for DonNU international educational projects;
  • Participation in elaboration and implementation of international educational projects;
  • Establishing and development of partnership with educational institutions, establishments, organisations and foundations of foreign countries; managing of international educational projects implementation.
  • Information and analytical support for international cooperation aimed at mutual coordination of activities and implementation of international exchanges, namely academic mobility, which refers to students, postgraduate students and teachers mobility;
  • Promotion and coordination of activities developed to increase the number of international courses and programmes taught at the University;
  • Review of correspondence from abroad dealing with the issues of international project cooperation within the competence of the Centre; consideration of issues raised in correspondence;
  • Coordination of all points related to the international business trips of DonNU lecturers, postgraduate students, students within the competence of the Centre.

Centre of International Educational Projects is subordinated to the Rector of the University.