Continuing Education Training Laboratory of Continuing Education «ОПЦІСР» Донецький національний університет імені Василя Стуса

Continuing Education Training Laboratory of Continuing Education «ОПЦІСР»

Modern higher education institutions should offer different educational programs that allow a person to build a successful professional career, enrich their knowledge, be competitive, realize their aspirations and abilities through lifelong learning.

The Training Laboratory of Continuing Education «ОП ЦІСР» satisfies the needs of the population in various educational services, creates favorable conditions for acquiring new knowledge, developing the creative abilities of students of different age categories.

Various programs are conducted by teachers of Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus.

The main purpose of the laboratory is to provide educational needs and provide additional educational services to:

Different categories of population interested in mastering certain training programs provided by the Laboratory

Students of DonNU named after Vasyl Stus and other universities

International students

Pupils in secondary schools

The lab offers:

Courses in preparation for admission to universities

Further education based on higher education

Language courses

Training courses

Department of distance learning and WEB-technologies

Department of Psychological Education and Consulting

Professional courses in economic and financial direction

Vinichenko Julia

Vinichenko Julia

First year student of journalism and media communications training

Do you dream of getting another specialty but do not know how to combine this venture with your studies, work or personal life? I also faced the problem, but the solution turned out to be easier than one might think. Having discovered all the benefits of studying at the DonNU-based Center for Continuing Education, i applied for entry without any hesitation. In my case, training in the journalism and media communications division has become an opportunity to acquire another profession without sacrificing work and family. From that moment on, I never regretted the choice I had made.

The laboratory employs real professionals, and the management always understands all the requests and suggestions of students. The world of journalism has become closer than ever, because most of the professors are practicing journalists who are not aware of all the pros and cons of the profession.

The decision to get an additional education is an adult decision that can change your life! You will see the world around filled with new colors! I’ve tested it on myself!

Smirnova Darina

Smirnova Darina

First year student of journalism and media communications training

How I became a journalist

One little girl was a big dreamer… And dreams turned into stories, works. The world of words was for her like a jungle, through which she had to get through, wielding a ballpoint pen like a sword.

As time passed, the little girl who then became an adult girl, was assured by many people that writing articles was complete nonsense, and she agreed trustingly.

But one occasion changed her life. The train, two wonderful philology teachers who convinced her that having a related profession “for the soul” – is a smart decision.

That’s how I ended up here in the journalism and media communications division of the DonNU Continuing Education Center. And classes here are also not usual, every one of them is a completely new discovery of something. And the teachers … It’s good that journalism has a lot of very proficient mentors who can fill you in on everything.

If you think like what’s amusing one can come up with during classes? Well, lectures and seminars are almost the same every time. No, our teachers are breaking stereotypes. We have a lecture on a sunny day, and if it’s a seminar, then we have an interview with a jewelry designer. And if the Ukrainian language class is held in a mass media department, then we can hear lots of interesting stories from which you always get goosebumps or so much fun that you do not notice that you already have to go home …

The world of a word is a miracle that one will reveal to you here. You will also be taught how to deal with it properly as well as how to become a true master of it.

Grebenik Oksana

Grebenik Oksana

First year student of journalism and media communications training

When you go to college after school and start your education there, you definitely want to try to fulfil the ideas shared by teachers here. However, the number of subjects are so extensive and you have the opportunity to get a training practice in only one of them at the end of the year.

In the department of journalism and medical communications of the Laboratory of Continuing Education of DonNU everything is different – your skills will be tested from the first classes. We are not only taught to write notes, reports, interviews and articles, they also provide you with the opportunity to publish your work in a newspaper. Excursions to radio and television companies give an idea of how journalists, editors, operators, directors work

But that’s not all. If you have suddenly realized that being at the scene of a fire accident is not for you, that’s no problem. Big companies need talented PR workers, press staff, and journalists working for official websites.

If you are interested in one of the specialties outlined above, our Continuing Education Laboratory will suit you perfectly.

Yulia Kozirkina

Yulia Kozirkina

She is a graduate of the Translation Unit of 2014

After two years of study at the DonNU Continuing Education Center in the department of translation, I can say with confidence that I have acquired all the necessary knowledge to perform high quality and professional translation of texts in various subjects and areas. I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers for their high professionalism and responsiveness. They were always ready to help and answer questions of my interest at any time. Lectures and seminars were always conducted in an interesting manner using audio and video materials, which made it possible to absorb the material better from the very beginning and without any difficulty. Yes, in just two years I received not only positive emotions, but also invaluable knowledge!

Eugene Gerda

Eugene Gerda

She is a graduate of the Translation Unit of 2014

Hello everyone!

I want to share my impressions of studying at DonNU Continuing Education Center.

I happened to be here by accident – I wanted to distract my brain from work. A good friend of mine advised me to come here. I liked the conditions. On admission, you pass an introductory interview to determine your current level of knowledge, and what I liked the most is that it was taken into account during the classes! To those who needed it (and I was one of them), teachers provided additional explanations of the material in an unobtrusive form, if desired – additional tasks of a transitional level of complexity. Teachers are very communicative and friendly.

Through the efforts of our employees, a very friendly atmosphere was created here. My most sincere, warmest feedback on the faculty: thank you for your creativity and love of the subject and the students. Teachers are constantly developing the materials of classes in accordance with the requirements of today! A great deal of information is provided in a non-casual game format. I am experiencing my student life again: constant brainstorming and cheerful courage. I also want to point out one more fact: besides the teachers, one of the undeniable advantages of the center is its students. Amazingly, this site brought together unique people – any discussion with them is itself a source of information and unexpected discoveries.

I perceive the Continuing Education Center as a powerful positive portal – hence my charge of good spirits, motivation to study further, and genuine appetite for the subject.

You can learn English easily and with pleasure!

Yegor Dementiev

Yegor Dementiev

A graduate of the physical education and sports unit

Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, 2-time 2012 London Road Champion and 2-time World Track and Highway Champion. Second place in the overall standings following the results of the first stage of the World Cup in Italy.

Egor has been involved in cycling for over 17 years and has extensive experience competing at various competitions, including those with professionals. But at the same time, he understood that any experience should be backed up by theory and scientific practice. That’s why he decided to deepen his knowledge and apply for the training at the Center of Continuing Education in Donetsk National University, in order to pass on his experience to young athletes.

During his studies he explored human anatomy and physiology deeper, as well as the interaction of all human body organs which occurs during many hours of physical trainings and competitions. Many new things have been discovered in the course of the theory and methodology of sports training and psychology of sports. As a result of the gained knowledge, Yegor performed at the World Championships in Mexico on April 10-14, 2014 and won a silver medal in track cycling competitions. This knowledge will help him continue to excel in sports and prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.