The mission of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University is to form a professional personality, who is Intellectual, Informed, Innovative, self-identified, Integrated into society (Homo-I).


The vision of Vasyl’ Stus DonNU – 2025:

  • a national leader in education and science, guided in its activities by the quality of education as a social value;
  • a reliable and socially responsible partner for public and government institutions, the international and domestic business community;
  • community with its own corporate spirit;
  • world-view space, that gives the opportunity to live, work, study, self-actualize according to principles of academic freedom and integrity, professional dignity and patriotism.

Strategic priorities, directions and tasks:

Pragmatization of educational activities in order to ensure quality, student orientation and competitiveness:

1.1. To form flexible practice-oriented educational programs, the content of which meets the demands of society. 

1.2. Create a system of professional growth and provide decent working conditions for faculty staff. 

1.3. Diversify educational programs in terms of content, format and target audience. 

1.4. Introduce a multi-level system of quality management of education and create conditions for quality awareness as a public value. 

University as a scientific and innovative space for implementation of opportunities:

2.1. Provide a multi-level system of intellectual capital development through expanded reproduction of a critical mass of researchers. 

2.2. To form the territory of experimental science and creative space. 

2.3. Create socially useful and in-demand research products. 

Creating a university worldview living-learning-community (community living and learning together):

3.1. Improve the model of the University governance on the principles of partnership and mutual social responsibility between all participants in the educational process and external stakeholders. 

3.2. Provide conditions for the development of sports at the University and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. 

3.3. Create conditions for the development of a creative and harmonious personality. 

3.4. Develop and implement social and infrastructural clusters of the academic campus – I-Campus, open to new opportunities and personal development.