The mission of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University is:
– to form highly intellectual human resources, capable of and aimed at the restoration and progressive development of Ukraine according to high international standards, European principles, national dignity;

– to create public goods via synergy of expertise and innovation for Ukraine’s competitiveness;
– to produce society paradigm combining universal human and national values, consolidating Ukrainian nation and promoting Ukraine in the world as an unbreakable, united, undefeated state.


The vision of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University-2025:

  • national leader in education and science, guided in its activities by the quality of education as a social value;
  • reliable and socially responsible partner of public and governmental institutions, international and domestic business community;
  • experts-professionals’ community, who are capable of forming values, creating public goods and implementing innovations for progressive development of Ukraine;
  • world-view community space with its own corporate spirit, that gives the opportunity to live, work, study, and develop harmoniously according to the principles of academic freedom and integrity, professional dignity and patriotism.

Cross-Cutting Tasks

  • Increase the effectiveness of the administration and general university structural units by analysing KPI, job instructions and optimizing the structure.
  • Strengthen internationalization processes with the aim of its integration into the international educational and scientific space.
  • Implement the financial sustainability program.
  • Create an automated system of university management and information security of all participants of the educational process.

Strategic priorities, directions and tasks:

Pragmatization of educational activities to ensure quality of human resources of Ukraine.

1.1. Diversify the content of education.

1.2. Implement the social mission of the university by providing additional educational services to different age categories and target audiences.

Strengthening the university as scientific-innovative space for realization of opportunities and creation of public goods.

2.1. Commercialize products of the university’s research activities by practicing expert and scientific consulting, implementing scientific projects, integrating into global scientific space.

2.2. Analyse the assets of academic staff in natural sciences and develop a map of their academic potential development.

Promoting the values of university community living and learning together (living-learning-community).

3.1. Prepare and implement a roadmap of university governance with the involvement of all participants of the educational process.

3.2. Promote a positive image of the university and the values of the university at the regional, national, and international levels.