The vision of Vasyl’ Stus DonNU – 2025:

  • open elite academic community, which is a leading centre of education, science and innovations;
  • classic research university, which is internationally and nationally competitive;
  • reliable and socially responsible partner for public and authoritative institutions, international and domestic business community;
  • University family with its own corporate spirit;
  • world-view space, that gives the opportunity to live, work, study, self-actualize according to principles of academic freedom and integrity, professional dignity and patriotism.

Strategic priorities, directions and tasks:

Pragmatisation of educational activities in order to ensure quality, students’ orientation and competitive ability:

  1. To form flexible practically focused educational programmes, content of which corresponds to community and world requirements.
  2. To create a system of career development and providing decent working conditions for lecturer.
  3. To diversify the educational programmes by its content, format and target audience.
  4. To introduce an internal education quality assurance system.

Transformation in a research university of innovative type:

  1. To provide a multilevel system of intellectual capital development.
  2. To form creative area for popularization of science and exploratory activity.
  3. To create area of professionals as a component of science industry.
  4. To develop internal standards of research activities on the way toward correspondence to criteria of research university.

Creation of university world-view space as living-learning-community:

  1. To determine and establish a value-based paradigm of mutual relations: student-lecturer-colleague-partner-student.
  2. To create a cluster of world-view space – “University sport”.
  3. To develop and realize social and infrastructural clusters of science campus – I-Campus, which is open for new possibilities and personality development.