Quality of education Донецький національний університет імені Василя Стуса

Quality of education

a set of characteristics of the educational process that determine the consistent and effective formation of competencies and professional awareness. This is a certain level of knowledge, skills, mental, physical and moral development that graduates of educational institutions have achieved in accordance with the planned goals of education.

Internal quality assurance system for education

a set of appropriate educational quality assurance procedures, standards for programs being implemented, and qualifications awarded. It is a part of the quality assurance system of higher education in Ukraine. The system of internal quality assurance of education implies the implementation made by the University of the procedures and measures provided for in Art. 16 Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”.

Training laboratory for monitoring and quality management of education

Organizing and conducting systematic monitoring of education quality among all students and making recommendations on how to improve the educational process;

Coordinates the development and implementation of measures to establish a quality assurance system for the university in accordance with the requirements of national higher education standards, criteria for national and European accreditation systems as well as international procedures for recognition of educational programs;

Participation in systematization and formation of modern methodological approaches for the provision of the university’s quality assurance of higher education;

Coordinating assessment of educational and scientific activities of structural units;

Monitoring domestic and foreign scientific and methodological work and achievements in the field of education quality management systems, studying international experience of quality assurance of education at national and university level;

Expanding the cooperation of the university with research institutes, associations and other structures that carry out external quality control of education.

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