How to Apply in Electronic Format

Dear Entrants,

You may submit your electronic applications from

JULY 10 TO JULY 22, 2019

To submit an electronic application, the entrant must register on the Internet site at the following e-mail address: (Registration of electronic entrants’ offices and uploading of additions to the complete secondary education documents begins on July 1 and ends at 18 hours 00 minutes July 22, 2019).

When registering on the site, the entrant must provide the following information: the email address he or she has access to; the number, pin code and year of receipt of the external independent evaluation certificate; the series and certificate number of the complete secondary education; the average mark of the application to the specified certificate, calculated on a 12-point scale with rounding down to ten parts of the score.

In addition, the applicant must upload scanned copies (photocopies) of the supplement to the certificate of comprehensive secondary education completion as well as 3×4 cm color photo cards, which will be submitted to the higher education institution.

After filling in the specified information, the entrant’s data is checked and in case the data in the documents coincide, the entrant receives a message to the e-mail address he specified, which is needed activate the entrant’s personal e-mail.

After registering on the site in the personal e-mail, the entrant gives the following information about himself: gender, citizenship, phone numbers (home and / or mobile) with the indication of telephone codes. To submit an application, an entrant selects a higher education institution, an educational degree, a competitive offer and sets the priority of the application to participate in the competitive selection for admission to places by public order.

Warning! Only applicants who hold the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Certificates (except the Foreign Language Certificate (valid only in 2018 and 2019)) and a comprehensive general secondary education certificate may participate in the Electronic Submission System.

Warning! If you have grounds for special enrollment requirements (eligibility for entrance examinations, interviews, eligibility for priority enrollment, etc.) or you are enrolled in the part-time form of study, then you need to submit the documents in person to the Admissions Committee!