физвосп.pngDonetsk National University is оne of the leading academic and scientific centres and one of the best higher education institutions of Ukraine. Department of physical education and sports is its powerful structural division.

The emergence and development of the department goes back to 1930s when Stalino state pedagogical institute was created by the decree of USSR Council of People’s Commissars on 15 July, 1937. Among the five departments which constituted the new institute there was a department of military science. Subsequently it was transformed into department of physical culture. From the early beginning till today physical culture belongs to the university disciplines which hold an important place in the educational process.

At the department of physical education and sports students of all faculties and specialities take their physical education course. Teaching staff is engaged in not only general and special practical physical training for youth but provides a lot of theoretical information on anatomy, physiology, medical self-control and history of physical culture and sport.

Department of physical education and sports is located at DonNU building № 2 at office 435, Frunze str, 4, Vinnytsia.

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